Smart Development

The concept for Smart Development helps you to iterate much faster than traditional methods. When you have an idea, it was always really difficult to translate it into production. This is where a rapid prototyping method comes in. When developing mobile apps, we need to start thinking about the User Experience because in the end, it’s just people the ones who will use your app or product. Having the ability to grab an idea and make a quick preview with a basic interaction is key and from then you can go more complex and really showcase some more complex interactions that completes the user experience. Tools like Principle comes handy for this type of tasks. It allows you to create something from scratch, combined with Sketch for example we are able to come up with a navigation concept in just minutes or hours not days or weeks. The developers (if you actually need one), would be much more pleased by seeing and feeling how something has to perform rather than static sketches or wireframes that doesn’t really show what your idea is all about. Navigation concepts like this one for Nike (showcase it) uses the Card Navigation seen in famous apps like Tinder. This example of navigation makes you “wish” you want to buy the shoe. And the way the objects slides in and out makes this navigation feel intuitive, easy to use. Remember, that’s exactly what you want to do if you create a Mobile App. Make something beautiful and easy to use. Then the rest is history. You can check more info about this in our new website Thank you.

Marcelo Moyano

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